Pfizer-Biontech COVID-19 vaccine coming soon after WHO certification

US pharmaceutical company, Pfizer, in partnership with German Biontech, will soon begin mass production of COVID-19 vaccine after certification by the World Health Organization, WHO.

Pfizer claimed that the vaccine is 90% effective, and tested on 43,547 humans in 6 countries. It is targeted for equal distribution after WHO certification.

This development is coming on the heels of similar vaccine by a British-Swedish drug giant, Astra Venica, but produced side effects on humans last September.

This latest Pfizer-Biontech COVID Vaccine is a groundbreaking development in view of its efficacy and safety on humans in recent clinical trials.

African countries are expecting fair distribution through funding by private sector players, like AFREXIM Bank, 5 Billion Dollars in concessional loans, AfDB , 5.6 Billion Dollars and other multinational conglomerates, to support African countries to benefit from the vaccines.