Nwoko gives hope on malaria vaccine

The Chairman of Ned Foundation, Dr. Ned Nwoko has pledged to initiate research for malaria vaccine in five universities across Africa.
As his contribution to efforts geared towards the eradication of malaria, the philanthropist said each qualified student from the five universities would be given a grant of $150,000 for the research.
Speaking in Abuja on Wednesday, Nwoko expressed concern over the increasing death row as a result of malaria and emphasised the need to be proactive in combating the scourge.
He stressed that malaria being an African problem and should be dealt with using African initiative and inventions.
 “It’s surprising that there are no vaccines for malaria. Why do we have to wait for Europeans to research the vaccines for us? Malaria is an African problem and that’s why we need to solve our own problems”, Nwoko said.
He further stated that it is imperative to develop vaccines because the long-term use of anti-malaria drugs have adverse effects as they cause damage to vital organs of the body.
 Nwoko disclosed that he has been invited to Antarctica by a group of scientists through a South-African company, White Desert to be part of malaria vaccines discovery.
He suggested that there should be regular fumigation  in an organized and concurrent way in Nigeria to ensure a clean environment.
He pledged that his foundation in collaboration with the United Nations would provide adequate materials for the nationwide fumigation.
The philanthropist urged Africans, especially Nigerians to always keep their environment clean to avoid been infected with diseases.

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