Nigerian security guard now music star in Dubai


Like many immigrants, Possible Ukaoma arrived in the United Arab Emirates, UAE, in search of better opportunities.

After several failed attempts to get into the University of Port Harcourt, Possible travelled to the UAE in 2013 where he now works as a security officer.

But when a fitness expert, who gyms in the same building where Possible works, recorded and sent one of his videos to local media, a new chapter opened up for the husband and father of one.

“When I started going for rounds, to check the places in the building, some guys were going to the gym – they said, ‘Man I saw you. I saw your picture (video). You’re an incredible man’,” the Abia State indigene told Channels Television.

“I was like ‘Are you serious?’ Even that same day, some guys said – ‘Man, I want to take pictures with you’. I felt so special!”

One post on Instagram and Possible’s life story began to change.

“After 5 minutes,” he added, “different messages and calls were coming from different people that had never sent me a message.

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Many who regularly visited Possible’s workplace admitted to having no idea such “talent” existed in the area. But once the Dubai residents discovered him, “everything stopped”.

“Yeah, I was honestly mesmerized. I’ve been here for two years in this same tower and never did I think that we have this talent here,” said Zaina Jaleel, who was beaming with a smile.

“Just walking past, getting coffee – just full on, everything stopped. You know, it’s breathtaking.”

Possible wishes to get to get certifications in health and safety, but this role may soon change completely as new opportunities in Dubai’s music space open up for the Abia indigene who started playing musical instruments in his fathers church.

“For him, there are two things that he could look at. One is doing sessions for music composers… that’s one aspect of it. The other aspect, is for him to kind of decide about his own music and his voice musically,” the founder of Mango Jam Studio, Wilbur D’Costa said. “So, he could do his own music.”

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While Nigerians in the UAE have been linked to several crimes like illegal stay, gang violence, robbery, and prostitution, raising concerns from citizen’s doing business and working in the Asian nation, Possible is advising his compatriots to shun crime and concentrate on working hard.

“Security is a professional job in Dubai, which everybody will want to pass through,” he said.