Gumi states role in freedom of 11 train passengers


Malam Tukur Mamu, media consultant to Sheikh Ahmad Gumi and ‘Dan Iyan Fika, has claimed credit for negotiating the release of 11 kidnapped train passengers.


Reports indicated that 11 of the abducted passengers of Abuja-Kaduna train were released on Saturday after 74 days in captivity.

Mamu acted as middle man and lead negotiator between the Federal Government and the terrorists.

Though the terrorists had committed to the release of all the women among the abducted victims, they eventually released only 11 victims on Saturday, Mamu said.

Sources said the male victims were released on health ground as part of the request made by the negotiating team while the women who were among the vulnerable were part of the agreement reached with the terrorists.


“It was expected initially that all the abducted women will be released in the first batch while negotiations for the release of the remaining victims will continue but according to another source that was privy to Saturday’s engagement with the abductors, they decided to cut down the number of women they initially agreed to release because of FG’s demand to include those with life threatening injuries/illnesses among the ones they released.

“The abductors have initially insisted that the only condition they will accept to start negotiating the release of their victims is when government release their teenage children unconditionally but Mamu insisted that no government will accept such bargain as they must also show signs of good will and make acceptable compromises too by way of releasing some of the victims,” the source added.

Mamu said negotiations are ongoing to secure freedom for others in captivity.

“We have succeeded in building confidence now, we will do everything to sustain it in the interest of the innocent victims that are still in captivity. It’s a painful and frustrating process but it must be done if we are to secure the precious lives of the remaining victims.

“The good news is our collective efforts have succeeded in securing the release of 11 of the victims so far. With the continued support of the FG all the remaining victims will be release soon Insha Allah.

“President Buhari must be commended for understanding the gravity of the crisis and for giving directives to the security agencies. The CDS, Gen. Irabo has done excellently well under the circumstance. The Army and the DSS have played the crucial role. There is no military solution to this predicament.

“But behind the scene, Sheikh Gumi by Allah’s will made it possible. He was involved from the day I started. In fact, I accepted that role because of his directives to that effect. Even the final arrangement of how and the safest place to get the victims was arranged and coordinated by him,” said Mamu.

Those released have been flown on the orders of President Muhammadu Buhari to Abuja for medical evaluation and treatment before they will reunite nandiyrywith their families.

Mamu said some retired army generals and renowned professor at the Usman Dan-Fodio University, Sokoto were among the team of experts that contributed in facilitating the mediation and success of the release.