Half of Nigerians are poor – OXFAM


*Few people control majority of Nigeria’s wealth — Buhari

than half of Nigerians are extremely poor going by estimates from Oxfam
International but President Muhammadu
Buhari thinks that a significant
proportion of the country’s wealth is concentrated in the hands of a few

President told the 25th Nigerian Economic Summit
in Abuja that these wealthy
Nigerians are based in only five states of the federation and the Federal
Capital Territory, FCT while Oxfam said 94.5 million people could
afford just N684 daily.

Buhari did not mention the states where the rich dominate, but records indicate  the that the havens of the rich are Lagos,
Rivers, Akwa Ibom, Kano, Ogun and Anambra.

President said the Federal Government is putting in place measures to promote
inclusiveness, noting that over the last four years, government had focused on
lifting a large percentage of Nigerians out of poverty, uplift the
disadvantaged and encourage inclusivity.

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“Today, many mistake prosperity with wealth. They are
not necessarily the same. Experts and analysts explain economic trends by
making references to indicators of wealth. Wealth, however, in its simplistic
form, is money or other assets. In recent years, global events have shown that
when a society and its leaders are driven and motivated by these alone, the
ultimate outcome is a divided state of severe inequalities.

“But a prosperous society is one where majority of its
citizens have an acceptable standard of living and a decent quality of life.
Some of the most prosperous Nigerians are here in this room,”
said the President.