Celica Church hosts WCC


The Celica Church of Christ Worldwide headed by Revd. Dr. Emmanuel Adetunji Adeonigbagbe will for three days from January 28 host delegates from the World Council of Churches, WCC.

Revd. Dr Simon Benjamin disclosed that the visit to Celica “is to learn first-hand about the life, witness, struggles, joys and hopes of the church as well as to share information about the WCC and to address specific questions as may apply, from the side of the WCC and/or Celica Church Of Christ.”

During the visit, which is part of the process of admission of Celica Church of Christ Worldwide to the World Council of Churches fold, the WCC delegation would meet with the church leadership, other officials and representatives of different church groups.

The visit will enable the delegates to learn,  amongst others, about the priorities of the church, its mission and evangelism, participation of women in the church life,  issues on justice, peace and human rights, interreligious dialogue, social and moral issues, education and formation.

The visit will also enable the WCC rub minds with the Celica leadership on the history, structure and theology of the World Council of Churches.

 This August event will be rounded off with a Thanksgiving service on Sunday January 29, attended by the WCC delegation before their departure on Tuesday February, 2022.