Benzema sex tape case gets messier


The highest Court of Appeal in France has thrown out the appeal of the Real Madrid striker, Karim Benzema, challenging the legality of a blackmail investigation over a sex tape featuring fellow footballer Mathieu Valbuena.

In June 2015, Valbuena, who now plays for Greek club Olympiakos, filed a complaint, claiming he was the victim of an attempted blackmail after receiving a call informing him of the existence of a sex tape in which he appeared.

Investigators suspect 31-year-old Benzema of acting as an intermediary between the presumed blackmailers – including one of his childhood friends  and Valbuena.

Benzema who was indicted for “complicity in attempted blackmail”, challenged the investigation methods of a police officer who intervened undercover.

His legal team claimed the police used dishonest methods by posing as a friend of Valbuena in a telephone conversation with one of the accused.

The court, however, ruled yesterday that there had been no “breach of fairness”, in the investigation methods used by the Police, overruling an opinion made in 2017.

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