In the age of information overload, the rational mass media audience must be discerning in consuming all manner of information emanating from sundry sources- the social media, the print, electronic and the fabled ‘reliable sources’.

For sound business decisions and individual lifestyle choices- including dietary, medical and environmental, we all require valid, authentic and credible facts and figures.  In the era of hate news and jaundiced analyses, this magazine has come with a refreshing package to add value to the precious time of the reading public.

Welcome to our world. Welcome to CREDIBLE NEWS. As you will find out in this edition, we seek to serve you news, opinions and analyses that are verifiable and reliable. Our focus is to monitor, analyze and interpret the programmes, policies and decisions that impact on the polity. Doing this, we shall always hold the mirror in the face of decision makers- in and out of government.

We will expose and fight corruption and all forms of vices, both official and private. We will campaign against abuse of human rights; we will discourage ethnic and religious acrimony and fight general degradation of national values. In all our editorial judgment, Nigeria will always come first!

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