NEXAVUE launches app to combat mental health challenge

A group, NEXAVUE, has unveiled an application, “My Best Self App” to help build mental resilience among young people across Africa.

The Co-founder of NEXAVUE, Dr Halimat Abubakar, told reporters in Ilorin on Monday on the sidelines of the Personal Growth and Mental Wellbeing, PGMW, event organised by the group that “the App is a transformative solution designed by Africans.

“It is for a safe online community, connecting young people to their peers, mentors and mental health experts.

“We provide access to mental health services, making it affordable especially for youths mental wellbeing, helping them to balance academic and extra-curricular responsibilities, and effective time management and resource utilisation.

“We leverage digital technologies and peer support networks to enhance youths mental wellbeing.”

Abubakar explained that NEXAVUE is dedicated to fostering personal growth and mental wellbeing through innovative platforms and youth engagement, connecting them with resources and support they need.

The My Best Self App Ambassador at NEXAVUE, Tunde Oniwa, said that the group introduced the App to address mental health challenges faced by young people in African communities.

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She added that the event centered around critical discussions on mental health education, social media literacy, policy and advocacy.

It is also to garner mental health support, combat stigma, bullying and domestic violence, among others, attended by mental experts, including renowned artist, Korede Bello.

The ambassador said the group plan to create relatable, wellness-focused content to simplify mental health messages and provide youth support to maintain and grow mental health awareness initiatives on digital platforms.

She said there is need to integrate mental health education into school curriculum, noting that “this platform is designed to help build mental resilience. The app can be accessed on”

The guest Artist at the panel event, Korede Bello, said his album ‘KoreDay’ was inspired by reflections around his birthday, where he pondered life’s essential questions about purpose, health, and daily existence.

Korede emphasised the importance of mental health, storytelling in challenging stigma and fostering open conversations about mental health and wellness.

“I am not completely well until everyone is well, my goal is to spread light, healing and love through my music.

“There is need for personal responsibility and our online interactions are crucial; we need to be mindful of the impact our words and actions have on others”, he said.

He advocated responsible usage and creation of healthy online environment.

Other speakers at the event included Aisha Sambo, Emmanuel Afolabi, Rasheedat Balogun, Onyinye Ugwueke.


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