CKHF, calls for promotion of positive male role models in school activities

Cute Kids Haven Foundation, CKHF, an NGO, has called for promotion of positive male role models who embody healthy behaviors, emotional intelligence and strong values in school activities.

Ms Oluwatoyin Abegunde, CKHF administrator, while speaking on the International Day of the Boy-Child, noted in Lagos on Thursday that boys lives matter too, and that the focus should not always be on girls.

It is gathered that May 16 is commemorated worldwide as the day of the boy-child.

The day celebrates all the positive elements that boys bring to their families and communities as well as highlights the issues and challenges that boys face as they develop.

Abegunde said that positive male role models could be achieved through mentorship programs involving male community leaders in school activities or inviting guest speakers to address relevant topics.

She said that harmful gender stereotypes that restrict the expression of the emotions of boys and promote unhealthy ideals of masculinity should be challenged.

“This can include fostering inclusive and diverse environments, promoting gender equality, and encouraging boys to pursue their interests regardless of societal expectations.

“Create opportunities for boys to connect with peers, mentors, and community organizations.

“This can include extracurricular activities, clubs, or community service projects that foster a sense of belonging and promote social skills development.

“Teach boys about healthy relationships, consent, and communication skills to promote respectful interactions with others.

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“This can involve implementing educational programs on healthy masculinity, consent, and addressing bullying and violence.

“Offer comprehensive sex education that addresses consent, reproductive health, and emotional aspects of relationships.

“This education should promote respectful attitudes toward sexuality and provide accurate information to help boys make informed decisions,” she said.

Abegunde said that parental involvement in promoting boys’ well-being should be encouraged through workshops for parents on topics such as child development, communication strategies, and parenting techniques that foster positive relationships.

She said that it was essential to tailor these strategies to specific communities and cultures, understanding that each individual might have unique needs and challenges.



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