Oil theft, illegal refining won’t be tolerated in Nigeria, defence minister warns

Defence Minister Mohammed Badaru says Nigeria will not tolerate crude oil theft and illegal refining, as they are very serious crimes in the country.

“Such crimes will not be tolerated in any form and at any time or level, and this extends to other natural resources across the nation,” Mr Badaru said.

The minister spoke in Abuja during the 13th national security seminar organised by the Alumni Association of the National Defence College.

“The armed forces of Nigeria are working with relevant agencies to ensure that all forms of economic sabotage are promptly tackled,” he added.

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The minister explained that section 16 of the constitution gives the government the right to harness the nation’s resources and use them to promote national prosperity.

Mr Badaru assured that the government would protect all resources and national assets and utilise them for the economic growth and development of the country.

Speaking about the seminar, the minister assured that President Bola Tinubu would implement the recommendations.

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