Association advocates clinics for unwanted pregnancies

The Association of Orphanages and Homes Operators in Nigeria, ASOHON,  has advocated the establishment of unwanted pregnancies’ clinics to enhance social counselling across the country.

Its National President, Dr Gabriel Oyedeji, said this on Wednesday in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria, on the sidelines of the consultative forum, organised by ASOHON in collaboration with Both Ends Believing, in Abuja.

The forum focused on strengthening child protection procedures and best practices and reviewing the current statistics of children in orphanages in Nigeria.

Oyedeji stressed the need for government at all levels to create social interventions and guidelines that would accommodate unwanted pregnancies in the country

“Instead of a section of the society stigmatising these young girls, we need to gather them, educate them, assist them, empower them,” he said.

The national president said this would reduce illegal abortion, stigmatization and make children available for adoption.

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He said the establishment of unwanted pregnancies’ clinics will also reduce operation of illegal children’s homes.

“As long as the process of adoption is bureaucratic, cumbersome and tiring, people will look for fast alternatives.

“The only way you can address illegal operation of children’s homes is to make the children available for adoption.

“Now we have more demand than supply. Out of 10 couples now, about eight are having issues with fertility.

“We need to set up unwanted pregnancies’ clinics and departments, you don’t need to abort, then let social counselling follow, let them be sure of what they are doing,’’ he said.

Oyedeji, who said that some young girls were stigmatised due to unwanted pregnancies in some communities, added that these girls ran away from their homes.

“Some girls hide in illegal children’s homes where they can be paid for sales of their children. Some hide in order not to be accused of murder,” Oyediji said.


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