Movie producer Adanma Luke recounts, says ‘Junior Pope refused life jacket that was offered’

Adanma Luke, the producer of the movie Junior Pope was shooting before he drowned has claimed that the late actor was given a life jacket but rejected it.

Luke has been under heavy fire following the death of actor Junior Pope and others after their boat capsized on the Anam River in Anambra State while returning from the location of her movie, ‘The Other Side Of Life.’

Breaking her silence since the incident, Luke Adanma claimed that Junior Pope was provided with a life jacket but rejected it because it was dirty.

In a video message shared via her X account, she said: “my director was on a life jacket, Emeka the DOP was also on a life jacket. There was still one life jacket available, I don’t know who took it.

“My producer manager said they saw life jackets hanging and they took them. He said he even asked late Friday to take one to Junior Pope but Junior Pope said it was dirty so he didn’t take it.

“Those with life jackets survived the boat mishap. And they also told me that when they were in the water trying to survive, Junior Pope was also there asking, ‘Is everybody okay? Hope everybody is fine?’ They said they even threw a gallon to him to use and hold himself which he was holding but all of a sudden they didn’t see him again.

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“It was when they came out that they noticed that he was no longer there. They said divers came and reduced some of them while other divers were still there trying to rescue others.

“I said what could have caused this accident? They said they didn’t know but TC was standing on the speed boat ringing bell.”



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