PSC launches initiative to enhance accountability and transparency in Police Force

To streamline and eliminate arbitrariness in handling disciplinary cases within the Nigeria Police Force, the Police Service Commission, PSC has embarked on a mission to sanitize and reform disciplinary procedures.

On Monday, Dr. Solomon Arase, CFR, retired Inspector General of Police and Chairman of the PSC, inaugurated an Inter-Agency Committee on Disciplinary Matters.

The committee, jointly formed by the PSC and the Nigeria Police Force, is tasked with identifying pending disciplinary cases, analyzing court judgments related to disciplinary matters, and compiling disciplinary decisions yet to be implemented by the Police Force.

The committee’s responsibilities also include compiling cases of dismissal across police commands and formations, as well as addressing perceived infractions brought before the Commission.

Moreover, it aims to mitigate punishments for non-commissioned officers facing dismissal and enhance the working relationship between the Nigeria Police and the Commission. Guidelines for processing appeals and petitions will also be developed by the committee.

Dr. Arase emphasized the pivotal role of discipline in the Nigeria Police Force, noting its influence on public perception, trust, and accountability. He highlighted the detrimental effects of a lack of discipline, including corruption and human rights abuses, stressing the need for corrective disciplinary mechanisms.

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Dr. Arase pledged the Commission’s commitment to evaluating and enhancing disciplinary processes to ensure they serve as corrective measures rather than punitive actions.

Mr. Ponfa Wuyep, Director of the Department of Police Discipline and Chairman of the Inter-Agency Committee, assured diligence and fairness in discharging the committee’s duties. He emphasized the importance of harmonizing disciplinary cases from the Police Force Headquarters and expediting responses to appeals referred by the Commission.

CP Peter Opara, Deputy Force Secretary, expressed the Police team’s dedication to working collaboratively with the Commission. He emphasized the Commission’s significance as the final recourse for police officers and pledged the Police Force’s support and cooperation in the reform process.

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