Manchester City midfielder Grealish embraces opposition jeers, sees them as compliments

Manchester City midfielder, Jack Grealish, has shared that he views the jeers from opposition supporters as a compliment, despite being targeted with heckling since joining the club.

Grealish, who won the treble with Manchester City in the 2023 season, has been booed at various stadiums including Stamford Bridge and Leeds United.

Despite being sidelined with injury recently, the 28-year-old is eager to contribute to City’s quest for another treble this season.

“I always wonder, ‘why they do boo me?’ and my mum always asks me about it as well.

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“At every single away ground I go to now, I get booed and I’m not entirely sure why it is – I just have to try and take it as a positive or a compliment.

“Now is where the biggest games are coming… and this is where everyone looks at you and everyone has to perform.

“Hopefully, I can be there for the lads, the manager and for our fans and try and be successful in these last two months,” Grealish told the club’s online magazine.

City, who are third in the Premier League standings, face fourth-placed Aston Villa on Wednesday and play Real Madrid in the Champions League quarter-finals on April 9.


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