Kano State Hospitals Board dismisses three employees

Dr. Mansur Nagoda, the Executive Secretary of the Kano State Hospitals Management Board, has recently announced the dismissal of three employees from Kabo General Hospital.

The individuals were accused of overcharging patients for X-rays, charging them N12,000 instead of the approved hospital price of N2,000.

In a statement released by the Public Relations Officer of the Hospitals Management Board in Kano, Samira Suleiman, it was announced that the Board has taken action against the individuals involved in the alleged overcharging of patients for X-rays.

The Accountant, Auditor, and Head of Laboratory had been suspended for their involvement in the sale of free HIV test kits provided by the state government. The suspension is a decisive step toward addressing misconduct and ensuring accountability within the health facilities. The immediate implementation of punitive measures underscores the seriousness with which the executive team views such actions.

The unexpected visit by the executive team highlights their commitment to oversight and proactive management of healthcare resources. The team’s dissatisfaction with the situation and characterization of the incident as an act of sabotage underscore the gravity of the personnel’s actions and the need for swift and decisive action to address the issue.

The termination of the three officers from the X-ray units for overcharging patients and failing to provide proper documentation is a necessary step to address unethical behavior and ensure transparency and accountability within the healthcare facility. By exploiting patients and charging significantly more than the approved hospital price without proper documentation, the officers not only violated ethical standards but also hindered the accessibility of essential medical services.

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The prompt authorization of their termination underscores the seriousness with which such misconduct is regarded and demonstrates the commitment to upholding ethical standards and providing quality healthcare services to patients. It sends a clear message that exploitative practices will not be tolerated and reinforces the importance of integrity and professionalism in healthcare delivery.

In  addition, Dr. Nagoda highlighted the poor condition of the Labour Ward at the hospital, noting the absence of bedsheets on the beds and the lack of a compound officer. He mentioned that the equipment donated by a philanthropist four years ago, as well as those donated during the COVID-19 pandemic, have all been neglected and left unused.

“This act needs to stop. This decision we took should serve as deterrent to others. We took an oath, so we will stick to that oath and sanitize the health system,” he vowed.

He urged everyone to stay alert and keep an eye on things. It was clearly that the management is serious about watching closely to catch any wrongdoing. If anyone does something wrong, they’ll get in trouble for it. So, it’s important for everyone to do their job properly and take responsibility for their actions.


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