Angry youths torch farmer’s house, loot poultry farm in Jos

Angry youths in the Angwa Rukuba-Etoo Baba community in the Jos area of Plateau State set ablaze the house of a farmer and looted his poultry farm on Tuesday morning.

The incident reportedly occurred following the alleged killing of a security guard working for the farmer. Residents, including Mrs. Janet Haruna, confirmed the incident, stating that the youths took drastic action in response to the alleged killing.

“The young people were upset, from what I’ve heard, because the farmer’s security guard was killed after he was suspected of stealing some eggs from the farm.

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“The security guard at the poultry farm was allegedly shot and killed by the farmer’s son. It was reported that the son, who had been suspecting the security guard of stealing, had caught him red-handed and began beating him; during this process, the security guard passed away; the young man then went to their home and set it on fire. The security guard’s body has been taken to the hospital by ambulance” , Haruna said.

It was discovered that state fire service personnel had shown up in the neighborhood to prevent the fire from spreading to other areas, while security operatives had been deployed to forestall further breakdown of law and order.


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