Police arrests actress Amal Umar for bribery in Kano State

One of Nigeria’s renowned actresses, Amal Umar, has been arrested in Kano state for allegedly attempting to bribe a police officer.

Police claim that she offered 250,000 naira to secure the release of her impounded car. However, her lawyer, Adama Usman, asserts her innocence, alleging that it was the police officer who initially solicited the bribe. Amal, popularly known as Amal in Kannywood, the Hausa film industry, has a substantial social media following and has appeared in numerous movies over the past decade.

The police seized her car over a year ago, suspecting it was purchased with funds from her boyfriend’s alleged fraudulent activities. Kano police spokesman Bashir Muhammad stated, “She gave our officer 250,000 [naira] with a promise to bring more money,” according to the BBC.

Amal’s lawyer Mrs Usman told the BBC they would continue to fight the case in court as she thinks the Fuska Biyu star was coerced.

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“This is simply a case of abuse of her rights. We won the initial case in court where they were trying to link her with her boyfriend’s activities which she has no hands in,” the lawyer told the BBC.

“But the police are yet to obey court orders four months in by still holding on to her car.

“On this case of attempted bribery they are claiming, we are going to pursue it to the end because she was called to come and collect her car only for things to change,” the lawyer said.

Amal, 24, has been freed on bail.

Police say Amal’s boyfriend Ramadan Inuwa is wanted on charges of obtaining money by false pretences and is still at large.

He has not commented on the accusations.


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