Bobrisky explains why he has a crush on Wizkid

Crossdresser and socialite, Idris Okuneye, popularly known as Bobrisky, sparked a conversation on social media by asserting that his admiration for Wizkid is not influenced by the singer’s wealth, emphasizing that he himself is financially secure.

Bobrisky recently shared a conversation with his boyfriend. When asked who he would choose if he weren’t with him, Bobrisky admitted he’d pick Wizkid. He has openly confessed his admiration for Wizkid in the past, even saying Wizkid was his crush since his university days. Bobrisky once stayed in a hotel near Wizkid but didn’t try to pursue him romantically.

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Bobrisky explained that he didn’t pursue Wizkid because he’s confident and financially stable. Despite being rich, he still admires Wizkid and has had a crush on him since his university days.

When Wizkid stayed in a hotel near him, Bobrisky didn’t make a move because he’s not desperate for attention. He emphasized the importance of being financially independent.

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