NCAA warns private jet owners against commercial operations

The Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority, NCAA has issued a stern warning to private jet owners against unauthorized utilization of their aircraft for commercial purposes.

The regulatory body emphasized that severe penalties await those found in violation of this directive.

The cautionary notice was disseminated by the NCAA through an official statement signed by Michael Achimugu, the Director of Public Affairs and Consumer Protection, and subsequently shared on its verified platform.

In clear terms, the regulatory authority elucidated that the Permit for Non-Commercial Flight, PNCF granted to private jet owners explicitly prohibits the use of their aircraft for any form of compensated passenger transport, cargo delivery, or mail services.

The NCAA underscored that any private jet owner found engaging in commercial activities or providing charter services will be subject to significant repercussions, including the potential suspension, withdrawal, or outright revocation of their permit. This enforcement aligns with the provisions outlined in Section 32 (4) of the Civil Aviation Act 2022.

The statement added that the NCAA has intensified its oversight by deploying officials to General Aviation Terminals and private sections of airports to monitor the activities of private jet owners and ensure compliance with aviation regulations.

“The Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority, NCAA, wishes to warn holders of Permits for Non-Commercial Flight, PNCF (private jet owners), to desist from engaging in commercial flight operations forthwith or face stiff penalties.

“It will be noted that holders of PNCF are not permitted to use their aircraft for CARRIAGE OF PASSENGERS CARGO or MAIL for HIRE or REWARD (commercial operations or charter services).

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“In line with Section 32 (4) of the Civil Aviation Act 2022, the NCAA will not hesitate to initiate enforcement actions against any PNCF holder found guilty of illegal operations with suspension, withdrawal, or revocation of their Permit for Non-Commercial flight.

“The public is hereby notified that engaging PNCF holders for commercial purposes is illegal. NCAA officials have also been deployed to General Aviation Terminals  and airports’ private wings to monitor PNCF holders’ activities.

“The NCAA wishes to restate its zero tolerance for violations of the Nigeria Civil Aviation Regulations 2023 and shall continue to enforce strict compliance by applying appropriate sanctions.”

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