Bulgarian parliament approves PM’s resignation

Bulgarian parliament has approved the resignation of Prime Minister Nikolai Denkov, one day after he submitted his letter of resignation.

As many as 216 members of the 240-seat parliament voted for his resignation.
However, Denkov’s government would continue to act until a new government is elected, according to the constitution.

Denkov was nominated for his position by the We Continue the Change, Democratic Bulgaria, PP-DB, coalition, the second largest group in the parliament, which has 63 seats.

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Denkov’s resignation fulfills the power-sharing deal reached between the PP-DB and the 69-seat group of GERB-UDF last June.
Denkov said, he will be the prime minister for the first nine months, and then Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Mariya Gabriel, the GERB-UDF’s representative, will take over.

Negotiations between the GERB-UDF and the PP-DB related to the rotation are underway.

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