Libyan leader warns political divisions make illegal migration control difficult

Deputy President of the Presidency Council of Libya ,Musa al-Koni, has said that the existing political divisions in Libya makes it difficult to control illegal migration.

Al-Koni made the remarks during a meeting with British Minister of State for Countering Illegal Migration Michael Tomlinson in the capital Tripoli, where they discussed the problem of illegal migrants.

A statement issued by the Presidency Council on Tuesday disclosed that the political division has repercussions on Libya and Europe.

“It is difficult to combat illegal migration without a unified strategy to ensure securing the borders and reducing this phenomenon.

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“Al-Koni called for intensified efforts to support the stability of the Sub-Saharan African region, and to contribute to addressing the crises that the countries of the region are experiencing.

“It stresses the need to create spatial development in the source countries of illegal migration to reduce the desire of migrants to leave their countries,’’ the statement said.

Tomlinson said that illegal migration was a matter of priority to the British government, which has been making efforts to reduce illegal migration, adding that Britain seeks to cooperate with Libya on this issue.

“This has caused insecurity and chaos in the country since the fall of its late leader Muammar Gaddafi in 2011.

“Many migrants, mostly Africans, have chosen to cross the Mediterranean Sea to European shores from Libya,” Tomlinson said.

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