Jasmine faces criticism for hijacking Mr Ibu’s TikTok account

Jasmine Okafor, the adopted daughter of the late legendary actor Mr. Ibu, has faced severe criticism from netizens.

They allege that she changed the TikTok account of the deceased, which had 1.1 million followers, to her own. The allegation comes barely 72 hours after the death of Mr. Ibu.

There have been allegations suggesting that Jasmine is not Mr. Ibu’s biological daughter and that she changed her identity to align with Ibu’s family for fame and attention. However, neither Jasmine nor her family have confirmed or denied these claims.


Credible News recently reported that the actor passed away due to health complications stemming from a prolonged battle with blood clotting in his leg. He reportedly passed away on Saturday, March 2, in a Lagos hospital.

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There were reports indicating that Jasmine and Mr. Ibu’s sons were arrested at Alagbon police station. Mr. Ibu’s wife alleged that Jasmine moved 300 million naira out of his account. These allegations and the reported arrests have been part of the ongoing controversy surrounding Mr. Ibu’s family. However, specific details and outcomes of the situation remain unclear, as they involve private family matters and legal proceedings.

Tosin Silverdam, a controversial blogger, recently took to Instagram to accuse Jasmine, the late actor’s adopted daughter, of personalizing the actor’s TikTok account. He questioned the rapidity of the action, expressing concern that Jasmine might have been informed about Mr Ibu’s death before it occurred.

It’s worth noting that Mr. Ibu’s adoptive daughter established the actor’s TikTok account and managed it for him several years ago.

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