Air Peace gets approval to fly into New York

The Ministry of Aviation and Aerospace Development has given the green light to Air Peace for international flights to and from John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York, USA.

Peace requested approval for flights to New York on January 12, 2024, and this decision follows that request.

In a letter dated February 9, 2024, the Ministry, represented by Director H.T. Ejibunu, gave Peace its approval.


The Nation reports that the letter, referencing number FMA/ATMD/0186/S.5/X/696, stated that the approval is consistent with the existing ‘Open Skies’ agreement between Nigeria and the United States.

It reads: “I am directed to acknowledge receipt of your letter dated January 12, 2024, on the above subject and convey the minister’s approval for the designation of Air Peace Limited to operate commercial international flights into and out of John F. Kennedy International Airport, New York, United States of America.”


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Before beginning operations, Air Peace was advised to coordinate with the Federal Aviation Administration, FAA,  of the United States to obtain all necessary documentation.

The airline was also directed to follow Nigeria Civil Aviation Regulations, CARs,  2023 part 18.5.11 and work with the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority, NCAA,  to meet requirements.


Air Peace offers both regional and international flights. The airline’s routes include Cameroon, Douala, Gambia, Ghana ( Accra), Liberia( Monrovia), Senegal (Dakar), Sierra Leone, Togo, India, South Africa (Johannesburg) and Côte d’Ivoire.



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