I’m quitting music – Rapper Eva Alordiah

Rapper Eva Alordiah has voiced her disappointment with the progress of her industry comeback. Taking to X, Eva recounted how people had urged her to return to the music scene, promising to support and enjoy her new releases.

However, he said despite this encouragement 48 hours after the release of her new song “I Look Good,” the streaming numbers remained low.

Expressing frustration, the hip-hop artist urged her followers to assess their commitment after criticizing them for not keeping their promises.

Eva mentioned contemplating returning to her previous 9–5 job, noting that only 30 people had clicked on the song link she shared on social media.

She emphasized that if people are unwilling to listen to her music, they should inform her so she can consider pursuing other career paths.

Eva wrote: “I don’t understand these fans that I have oh! Ahhh! It’s like you people need to decide if you’re down for this or not.

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“Boya I should cancel fans and focus on AC. I’m not getting why 500+ people claim they want my new music yet only 30 people clicked the link to pre-save.

“The data below cannot lie Boya I’ll get a 9-to-5 because of this music you people are asking for… it’s beginning to look like error.

“Do you want it???? Or do you not want it! Eyin fans Ah! Let me go back into my shell or a warm hole to crawl back into #SadEva

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