Court adjourns case of impersonation against Olufon of Irele after defendant’s absence

An Ondo State High Court sitting in Okitipupa has adjourned the hearing of the case of impersonation brought against Prince Ademola Olowoyibiri who was, last year, installed as the Olufon of Irele kingdom.

Due to Prince Olowoyibiri’s absence, the presiding judge, Justice T.M. Adedipe, declined to hear the case again.

Last year, Prince Olowoyibiri was charged with unlawfully posing as a traditional ruler.

As per the Ondo state Criminal Code Laws, section 516, he was accused of having illegally assumed the chieftaincy title of Olofun of Irele.

Olowoyibiri reportedly allowed himself to be installed and paraded in royal regalia against the will of the Ondo State Executive Council and in violation of Ondo State Chiefs Law sections 15(1) and (2).


Six chiefs accused of being responsible for Oloworiyibi’s ascension to the position of Olofun of Irele were also docked.

Their names are Ebielemi Akintola, Orukotan Fadayomi, Akiyesi Owoloye, Adebayo Olowoboye, Olosusi Mesagan, and Igbekele Olajide.

They were charged with two counts of conspiracy and illegally installing a monarch without government approval.

At the case’s resumed hearing on Thursday, prosecuting counsel H.M. Falowo urged the court to continue the proceedings because all parties were present.

Adewale Mosadomi, counsel for the defendant, supported Falowo and urged the court to hear their pleadings despite Olowoyibiri’s absence due to illness.


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Justice Adedipe said he could not take their pleadings due to the absence of the defendant.

He ordered Olowoyibiri to present his medical report as proof of ill health at the next hearing.

The Judge warned Olowoyibiri’s followers to maintain peace in their domain and adjourned the sitting to February 22nd, 2024.

Personal Assistant to Olowoyibiri Ode Adewale, had last year said the Irele customs do not require writing any letter to the government before picking a king.

He said: “We do not need to follow any process than to consult the oracle and anybody Ifa oracle picks, is who will be installed as the king. We have never done anything contrary to our customs.

“There are some petitions written to the government which have been causing problems. Three people who indicated interest wrote petitions to security agencies.

“We did not write any letter. We do it our way. The whole town will consult the Oracle, anybody picked will be crowned. We have done that. There was no obstruction to the process. We have done it and it is done.”



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