Eniola Badmus rejects apology, insists on charging TikTok user for defamation

Eniola Badmus has insisted on charging a TikTok user, Ego Okoye to court for defamation.

The actress made the statement in a video clip confirming Okoye’s arrest after she made a viral post tagging Badmus as someone who had been arranging ladies for politicians.

In the video clip, Okoye was heard describing Badmus as a PIMP – someone who controls prostitutes and arranges clients for them, taking a percentage of their earnings in return.

Eniola Badmus
Eniola Badmus

She even went further to allude that the actress had at a point in time attempted to hook one of her friends up with a politician.



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However, in a new video clip in circulation, Okoye who looked baffled at being arrested, when asked by the actress how she had wronged her, said “nothing”.

Badmus said: “You just decided to spoil my name. Don’t worry, we are going to court. This is the girl that called me a professional pimp. Have I pimped you before? That your friend, where is she, you must provide her, don’t you have the friend again? She must come back, she will be your witness”.


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