Lagos State procurement agency reaffirms commitment to transparency and accountability

The Lagos State Public Procurement Agency has reiterated its steadfast commitment to transparency, accuracy, and accountability in all government transactions.

Fatai Onafowote, the Director-General of the agency, emphasized that the organization is bound by statute to operate in accordance with the provisions of the Lagos State Public Procurement Law.

In a statement issued to address certain information posted on the agency’s website, Onafowote clarified that the data had been misconstrued, leading to unintended misinterpretations.

The lack of clarity in the information, he explained, resulted in misunderstandings that affected both governmental entities and corporate partners providing services to the state.

The statement reads: “We regret that specific details, particularly concerning the descriptions of government dealings, may have inadvertently led to confusion, impacting both governmental entities and corporate partners providing services to the state.”

Acknowledging public concerns, Onafowote extended sincere apologies for any distress caused, emphasizing that the agency never intends to cast doubt or cause misunderstandings that might tarnish the reputation of individuals and organizations involved in the transactions.

“To address these concerns thoroughly, the agency has taken immediate steps. Line-by-line explanations of the contracts in question are attached herewith, aiming to provide absolute clarity and dispel any lingering misconceptions,” the statement further clarified.

The agency affirmed its commitment to enhancing internal processes and communication methods, ensuring that the government consistently offers clearer and more accessible information to the public. Onafowote stressed that the autonomy of the agency exists to ensure fairness and transparency, not to cause confusion or discredit any involved parties.

He assured the public of the agency’s unwavering dedication to upholding the highest standards of integrity in all operations. Looking ahead, the agency pledged its continued commitment to consistently and accurately report all government transactions in the state.

“Our unwavering commitment remains to elevate the standard of living and enhance the quality of life for the people of Lagos. Rest assured, this commitment will always take precedence,” concluded the statement.

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