NSEMA recovers additional nine bodies from Niger boat accident

The Niger State Emergency Management Agency ,NSEMA, has recovered an additional nine bodies from the boat accident that occurred in Shiroro Local Government Area.

The tragedy initially claimed 10 lives, with victims, mostly traders, transporting goods from Zongoru Community to Gijiwa.

The boat was carrying 34 individuals when it capsized, and local divers managed to rescue 24, leaving 10 confirmed dead. The agency, led by Alhaji Salihu Garba, continues search operations to recover the remaining bodies, emphasizing the need to identify the deceased and provide support to the affected community.*

The boat accident has brought sorrow to Zangoro, with families mourning the loss of their loved ones. The recovery efforts by NSEMA underscore the commitment to addressing the aftermath of the tragedy and providing closure for the affected families.

As the search operation continues, the community and relevant authorities work together to manage the impact of this unfortunate incident.


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