Police detains 70-year-old for raping and killing teenager in Enugu

In a tragic incident that has shocked the community of Umuagu in Enugu State, a 70-year-old man, Anthony Mgbe, has been remanded by a magistrate court for the alleged rape and murder of a 15-year-old girl.

The accused is facing charges of “unlawfully having carnal knowledge of a minor” and “unlawful killing by having unlawful carnal knowledge of the minor, which caused her to bleed to death.”

The magistrate court, considering the severity of the offences, denied the application for bail and adjourned the case till November 22, 2023. The case was brought to light when concerned members of the community reported the man’s history of violence against women and girls to the Women Aid Collective ,WACOL, an organization committed to promoting and protecting the rights of women and girls.

According to WACOL, the accused had a pattern of perpetrating violence against women and girls, often evading justice due to the influence of his children who silenced the victims.

The family of the deceased sought protection from WACOL, leading to legal intervention to ensure that the perpetrator faced the full consequences of the law.

Following a petition sent by WACOL’s legal team to the Enugu State Commissioner of Police, Anthony Mgbe was arrested and subsequently charged in court.

The case highlights the importance of community members speaking out against violence and the crucial role organizations like WACOL play in seeking justice for victims of such heinous crimes.


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