TCN denies National Grid shutdown amid labour strike

In a swift response to circulating reports suggesting an impending national blackout, the Transmission Company of Nigeria, TCN, has vehemently denied the claims.

Crediblenews had earlier reported that TCN issued a statement forecasting a nationwide blackout, but TCN’s management has refuted the allegations, terming them as “false.”

According to the management, the Daily Post’s report alleging an imminent national blackout is both mischievous and baseless.

The TCN Public Affairs Head clarified that no such statement was made by, TCN, categorically dismissing the reported claims.

In a firm and unequivocal statement, TCN asserted, “We hereby note that the nation’s grid is intact and supplying bulk electricity to distribution load centers nationwide.” This declaration aims to quell any concerns or panic that may have arisen from the erroneous reports.

The Transmission Company of Nigeria assured the public that, as of the issuance of their statement, the TCN National Control Centre Osogbo, responsible for overseeing bulk power transmission across the nation, is fully operational.

This clarification seeks to reaffirm the stability of the nation’s power grid and dispel any unwarranted apprehension regarding the continuity of electricity supply.

In the face of conflicting information, TCN stands firm in maintaining the integrity of its operations, reassuring the public that there is no imminent threat of a national blackout.

As the nation relies on a steady supply of electricity for various essential services, TCN’s swift response aims to restore confidence in the reliability of the power grid and avert unnecessary concerns among the populace.

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