Dino Melaye, Douye Diri, Sam Anyanwu win polling units

In the intricate dance of democracy in Kogi State, Senator Dino Melaye, the People’s Democratic Party ,PDP,  candidate in the governorship election, claimed a triumphant stance at his polling unit.

The open space at Iluafon quarters in Aiyetoro, Ijumu Local Government Area, served as the battleground where votes were cast, and the political landscape was reshaped.

As the dust settled, the PDP emerged victorious with 210 votes, a testament to the resonance of Melaye’s appeal within his enclave. On the opposing end, the All Progressives Congress ,APC, mustered 22 votes, while the African Democratic Congress ,ADC,  secured a modest 7 votes.

The political spectrum further unfolded as the People’s Redemption Party , PRP, gathered 2 votes, the Social Democratic Party ,SDP, claimed 1 vote, and the National Rescue Movement , NRM,  and the Action Democratic Party , ADP, each tallied 1 vote.

In the rhythm of the electoral process, Melaye’s victory at his polling unit marked a symbolic triumph, echoing the larger dynamics at play in Kogi State. The numbers on the ballot papers hinted at the sentiments of the electorate, painting a canvas where the PDP found resonance.

Meanwhile, in other corners of the electoral landscape, the PDP continued to showcase its strength.

In Bayelsa and Imo States, the PDP candidates, Governor Douye Diri and Samuel Anyanwu, respectively, clinched victories in their respective polling units.

The affirmation of support in these strongholds reinforced the party’s standing in the electoral theater.

As the nation awaited the unfolding drama of final results, these early victories set the tone for the intricate political narratives playing out in the diverse regions of Nigeria.

The polling units became the stage where citizens cast their votes, determining the destiny of leaders and the trajectory of governance in the days to come.


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