Election results: INEC uploads Bayelsa, Imo, Kogi on IREV

The promise of transparency and real-time result reporting by the Independent National Electoral Commission , INEC, came to fruition as the outcomes of the governorship elections in Bayelsa, Imo, and Kogi States were swiftly uploaded onto the INEC Election Viewing Portal ,IREV.

As the sun set on Saturday, marking the conclusion of the electoral process in most polling units, the heartbeat of democracy continued to pulse through the IREV.

The results, a testament to the collective voice of the people, were directly transmitted from the polling units, echoing the commitment of INEC to real-time updates and accountability.

In Bayelsa State, the digital canvas of the IREV displayed the strokes of democracy from approximately 74.87 percent of the polling units, showcasing the resilience and participation of the people.

Notably, the full spectrum of results from Governor Douye Diri’s Kolokoma/Opokuma local government adorned the IREV, providing a snapshot of the diverse expressions of the electorate.

Across the plains of Imo State, the IREV illustrated the unfolding narrative of the people’s choice, encapsulating 73.33 percent of the results from 4720 polling units.

Each result uploaded was a brushstroke on the canvas of democracy, adding vibrancy to the electoral masterpiece.

In Kogi State, the IREV echoed the voices from 67.33 percent of the polling units, narrating the story of a people who had exercised their civic duty.

The digital tableau captured the essence of the electoral process, reflecting the diversity and richness of opinions.

Chairman of INEC, Prof. Mahmood Yakubu, stood by his commitment to direct uploading from the polling units to the IREV, providing a channel for the unfiltered expression of the people’s will.

While glitches during previous elections raised doubts, this endeavor aimed to restore faith in the electoral process.

As the nation awaited the official announcement of winners by the State Collation Officers at the INEC headquarters in each state, the IREV stood as a testament to the evolving landscape of Nigerian democracy, where transparency and accountability find a home in the digital realm.


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