Police parade ritualist with human head in Ibadan

The Oyo State Police Command paraded a 45-year-old suspected ritualist named Hassan Kolawole on Friday in Ibadan.

The suspect was arrested with a fresh human head at Ogbere-ti-o-ya in the Ona Ara local government area.

Alongside Kolawole, nine other suspects were also paraded for various crimes.

Commissioner of Police Adebola Hamzat, represented by Police Public Relations Officer Adewale Osifeso, disclosed that the arrest took place on Monday, November 6, 2023.

Among the items found in the suspect’s possession were a fresh human head, hands, and an HP laptop.

In a confession, Kolawole stated that he was facing financial difficulties and resorted to the crime for ritual purposes.

He recounted meeting an Islamic cleric named Waheed at a Maolud event, and together, they planned the money ritual that required human parts.

The suspect explained, “I have one wife and two children, and it is very hard for me to take good care of them. I met one Waheed, who is also an Islamic cleric, at a Maolud.

We discussed it, and he told me that he knew how to do money rituals that would require the use of human parts.”

Kolawole admitted to not knowing how to obtain human parts and claimed that Waheed promised to procure them.

The arrest took place when the police searched his office on the day Waheed provided the fresh human head and two hands.

The case highlights the disturbing and illegal activities associated with ritualism, often driven by desperation and economic challenges.


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