Husband in Police net after ‘Mummy be calming down’ lady commits suicide

Tragedy struck in Benin, Edo State, as Mrs. Toluige Olokoobi, the mother of Oreofeoluwa Lawal-Babalola, the famous “Mummy Calm Down” boy, has taken her own life.

The Edo State Police Command confirmed the incident, stating that her husband has been arrested and detained for questioning.

Olokoobi gained nationwide attention when a video of her son, Oreofeoluwa, tearfully pleading with her to “calm down” went viral in 2020.

The heartwarming video captured the essence of a child trying to soothe his mother during a moment of scolding.

Oreofeoluwa’s innocence and composure endeared him to many, and he later became a media sensation, appearing in interviews and even making his debut in Kunle Afolayan’s film, “Swallow.”

The news of Olokoobi’s suicide emerged on social media, leaving the public in shock. An X user, @SIKAOFFICIAL, who claimed to be at the scene of the incident, shared the tragic news on Twitter.

He revealed that Olokoobi took her own life in Benin for reasons unknown, and she had not shared her problems with anyone before the tragic event.

The Edo State Police Command, in response to the incident, arrested Olokoobi’s husband and initiated an investigation into the circumstances surrounding her suicide.

The family, once in the spotlight for the endearing video of Oreofeoluwa, is now grappling with a heartbreaking tragedy that has left the public mourning the loss of a life that touched many hearts.

As the details of this somber event continue to unfold, it serves as a poignant reminder of the complexities of life, the struggles individuals face, and the importance of mental health awareness and support.

The arrest of Olokoobi’s husband underscores the need for a thorough investigation to unravel the circumstances leading to this devastating loss.

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