Jay Boogie seeks funds after surgery setback

Renowned crossdresser Jay Boogie, whose real name is Daniel Anthony Nsikan, has reached out to the public seeking financial assistance to cover medical expenses resulting from complications arising from a failed Brazilian Butt Lift ,BBL, surgery.

In a public statement shared on Instagram, Jay Boogie disclosed the challenges he is facing after undergoing Lipo 360 and BBL surgery, emphasizing that the surgery was poorly done and has led to severe health complications. He explained that he had to halt hormonal medications before the surgery as per the surgeon’s instructions.

Jay boogie
Jay boogie

According to Jay Boogie, shortly after the surgery, he developed sepsis and acute kidney injury.

The surgeon allegedly refused to take responsibility, and Jay Boogie was left in another hospital after being referred.

Since November 1st, he has been undergoing dialysis and treatment for sepsis, depleting his life savings.

The statement continued, “I am writing to request financial assistance for continuous medical treatment in order to recover.”

Jay Boogie is known for being a prominent Nigerian transgender personality from Akwa Ibom State.


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