Corps member salutes husband who trained her through school

In a heartwarming social media post, Stephanie Agbo, a recent graduate of the National Youth Service Corps , NYSC, shared her joy and gratitude for her husband’s support in achieving her educational milestone.

Stephanie, adorned in her NYSC uniform, expressed immense appreciation for her husband, who financed her studies since their marriage.

In a TikTok video capturing her post-NYSC celebration, Stephanie couldn’t contain her happiness as she gave her husband a paramilitary salute.

The video showcased the genuine joy and camaraderie between the couple, portraying a beautiful story of love and support.

Stephanie took a moment to advise other women, encouraging them to choose life partners who actively support their educational pursuits.

She emphasized the importance of not letting relationships hinder personal aspirations.

The comments flooded in, with users expressing their congratulations and admiration for Stephanie’s husband.

Queenmira acknowledged Stephanie’s husband as a good man and extended blessings to the couple.

Onajite Elizabeth encouraged Stephanie to respect and stay loyal to her husband, while Vera Diche thanked him for bringing joy to his wife’s life.

The story is a testament to the power of love, support, and shared accomplishments in a marital relationship, resonating with readers who appreciate heartwarming narratives.

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