King Charles III admits ‘no excuse’ for colonial abuses

During his visit to Kenya, King Charles III acknowledged that there was “no excuse” for colonial-era abuses during Britain’s rule of the East African country.

He said he wished to “deepen his own understanding of these wrongs” and also to bolster “a modern partnership of equals facing today’s challenges.”


However, he did not offer a formal apology for the past wrongdoings, but rather expressed deep regret for the “abhorrent and unjustifiable acts of violence committed against Kenyans as they waged a painful struggle for independence and sovereignty.”

Charles emphasized his mother’s “particular affection” for the nation and its citizens by stating that the country had “long held such special meaning for my family.”

Charles will plant trees in honor of the late Kenyan conservationist and Nobel Peace laureate Wangari Maathai and visit a war graves cemetery in Nairobi and the port city of Mombasa in the coming days. Charles also plans to pay tribute to Africans who served their country in two world wars.

The royal program also prioritizes youth, technology, and the creative arts, as well as efforts to combat climate change.

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