TETFUND unveils groundbreaking BIMS for Tertiary Students

The Tertiary Education Trust Fund , TETFUND, has unveiled the cutting-edge Beneficiary Identity Management Service, BIMS, which is intended to streamline the identification and administration procedures for instructors and students in all of the country’s postsecondary educational institutions.

Tahir Mamman, TETfund
Tahir Mamman,

Speaking at a prestigious education summit, Nigeria’s Minister of Education, Professor Tahir Mamman, praised the BIMS as the entry point to internationally acclaimed, top-notch educational resources, infused by the TETFund to revolutionize the country’s higher education scene.

Professor Mamman outlined BIMS’s goal to fundamentally change how students interact with educational resources. It serves as the main entry point to the Tertiary Education Research Applications and Services platform (TERAS) for accreditation and authorization. The numerous benefits that TERAS provides to teachers, students, and the larger educational community are genuinely revolutionary and necessitate full participation.

The TETFUND Executive Secretary, Arc. Sonny Echono, shed light on the platform’s innovative origins, TERAS, in his perceptive remarks. TERAS was born out of the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Echono highlighted that, with BIMS at its core, TERAS is a brilliantly designed system that integrates a variety of essential components. During BIMS’s initial phase of development, a remarkable two million students and staff from partner institutions were enrolled.

Refined enrollment and identification processes, enhanced data security and precision, customized learning experiences, access to specialized educational services, and improved communication between students and educational institutions are some of the main advantages provided by BIMS.

Echono highlighted how integrating BIMS into TERAS has a significant positive impact and creates a comprehensive service ecosystem that benefits educators, students, and institutions in equal measure. This ecosystem includes: funded mobile internet access; EagleScan for plagiarism detection; a selection of journal and research subscriptions with prestigious sources like EBSCO; the first LMS, Blackboard; advanced communication training; and critical funding for interventions.

With BIMS as its pillar, TERAS is prepared to usher in a new era for Nigerian education. The system makes sure that the disruptions brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic become forces for positive evolution. The future of education in Nigeria is brightly luminous and pulsating with promise and potential thanks to TERAS’s ongoing advancements.


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