NDDC Boss applauds Supreme Court, supports Tinubu

The Managing Director of the Niger Delta Development Commission, NDDCDr. Samuel Ogbuku, stated that the ruling by the Supreme Court upholding President Bola Tinubu’s victory in the 2023 election validates the lawful mandate that Nigerians bestowed upon him.

Ogbuku, who expressed joy over the ruling, said that governance was overdue and urged all Nigerians, including those in the opposition, to support the president in creating a new Nigeria.

In a statement released on Sunday in Port Harcourt and signed by his media assistant, Willie Etim Ogbuku, claimed that the lawsuits against Tinubu were baseless because the evidence speaks for itself.


He said that the decision put an end to all of the back-and-forth arguments surrounding the elections and was a reflection of the people’s mandate and validation of Tinubu’s election as president.

He stated that he was confident Tinubu would lead Nigeria to growth and development and that the nation will soon reclaim its proper position in the international community.

“You have my congratulations on winning at the Supreme Court. The decision confirms the will of the people and your election as our beloved nation’s president.

Once again, you have shown that you are a democratic, supporter of the rule of law, and a defender of the electoral process, the constitution, and the independence of the judiciary.

You have handled false accusations from your opponents with dignity and extraordinary statesmanship.

“As a supporter and admirer, I am pleased with your accomplishments thus far in office. All Nigerians will benefit from your policies and programs, which have been implemented to enhance the country’s physical infrastructure, social welfare, security, and economy, he said.


“I have the confidence that you will restore hope in the Nigerian project,” he continued. Millions of Nigerians have been encouraged by you to hold out hope for a better future.


“I join you in commemorating this significant occasion as you lead our nation toward consistent advancement and revitalization.”





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