Mr Ibu’s ex-manager refutes reports of actor’s death

Rumors that veteran actor John Okafor, also known as Mr. Ibu, is deceased have been refuted by Chochoo, a former manager of the actor.

In an interview, Chochoo stated that the actor, who is presently ill, is alive, despite the rumors circulating on social media.

He added that Mr. Ibu is anticipated to undergo surgery either early on Saturday morning or early on Sunday morning.

People have “killed the actor online several times in the past two months,” according to Chochoo.

“He has been dying online for about two months now,” Chochoo stated. Although he appears to be dead online, he is still alive offline, so I’m not sure where they are getting their news from. He will either have another surgery this morning or early tomorrow. We are still very close, even though I was his manager before. Though he appears to be dead online, he is still very much alive in real life.


Regarding the actor’s leg amputation due to diabetes, he stated that only two of his toes may need to be amputated. His statement was that the toes were “getting rotten.”

“He has had some health-related complications, but this time he is fighting diabetes,” Chochoo continued. The doctors told him to amputate two of his toes because they were becoming rotten due to the illness, despite reports on the internet that they wanted to amputate his leg.

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