Israeli troops launch night raid in Gaza

On Friday, the Israeli army reported that its ground forces, with support from fighter jets and drones, had conducted a “targeted raid” in Gaza over the previous day as they prepared for a land invasion.

The army statement mentioned, “During the past day, IDF ground forces, accompanied by IDF fighter jets and UAVs, carried out an additional targeted operation in the central Gaza Strip.” The statement also noted that the IDF had identified and struck various targets associated with terrorism, such as anti-tank missile launch sites, military command and control centers, and Hamas militants.

It was further mentioned that the troops left the area after completing the operation. The military released black-and-white footage showing a column of armored vehicles and a substantial cloud of dust rising after the airstrikes.

The army had executed a similar ground operation utilizing tanks and infantry the night before in the northern region of the Palestinian territory.

These recent incursions occurred after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reiterated earlier in the week that Israel was “preparing for a ground offensive.”

On October 7, a large number of Hamas fighters crossed from Gaza into Israel, resulting in the death of 1,400 people, primarily civilians, and the abduction of 224 more, as reported by Israeli officials.

In response, Israeli air and artillery strikes led to the deaths of at least 7,028 individuals in the Gaza Strip, including 2,913 children, according to figures released by the Hamas-controlled health ministry.

These casualties in Gaza mark the highest since Israel unilaterally withdrew from the Palestinian territory in 2005.

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