Ministry of transportation vows zero tolerance for corruption

Mrs Magdalene Ajani, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Transportation, stated that the ministry will sustain its zero tolerance for corruption among its employees.

This was stated by Ajani at the start of a two-day sensitization and enlightenment workshop organized by the ministry’s Anti-Corruption and Transparency Unit (ACTU).

The event’s theme is “Uprooting Corruption while Promoting Honesty and Integrity.”

Ajani also stated that ensuring zero tolerance for corrupt practices would increase the staff’s effectiveness and integrity.

She went on to say that the time had come to reposition the ministry for better performance by rooting out corruption and promoting integrity and ethics.

“The workshop is something we’ve been doing since 2021.” It is a workshop to remind participants to avoid any unethical practices in the workplace.

She also stressed the importance of repositioning the ministry towards better performance by eliminating corruption and promoting integrity and ethics.

The goal is to encourage staff to deliver services in an ethical manner, characterized by professionalism, integrity, honesty, and transparency.

Mrs. Ajani outlined five core values that staff should adhere to: accountability, meritocracy, professionalism, loyalty, and ethical practice, as they are crucial for ensuring quality service delivery.

Mrs. Ajani, who previously served as the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Marine and Blue Economy, highlighted the importance of efficient service delivery in her new role.

She emphasized the need for staff to maintain ethical practices in their work, demonstrating professionalism and delivering efficient output to the public. She mentioned that practices like tardiness and using office materials for personal purposes are considered unethical within the ministry.

The Permanent Secretary also discussed the ministry’s transition to operating 100 percent online, aiming to ensure work can be carried out both within and outside the office.

This digitalization initiative is intended to enhance service delivery by making work more efficient and accessible, even from remote locations.

Mrs. Ajani stated that modernizing processes through digitization has improved the efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery, allowing staff to work from anywhere in the world.

Additionally, Mrs. Vivian Nwosu, the Director of Special Duties at the Federal Ministry of Transport, appealed to the Federal Government to fulfill its promises of increasing staff salaries.

She argued that the current economic situation in the country necessitates higher salaries for the staff to cope with rising living costs.

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