Edo Deputy Gov. asks court to stop his impeachment

The Deputy Governor of Edo State, Comrade Philip Shaibu, has submitted an affidavit to the Federal High Court of Nigeria in the Abuja seeking protection against his removal by Governor Godwin Obaseki.

Shaibu approached the court levelling serious accusations against the State Governor that he had deliberately obstructed him from fulfilling his official duties as the Deputy Governor of Edo State, thereby impeding the smooth functioning of the state’s administration.

In a shocking disclosure, Shaibu accused the Governor of utilizing the Police and State Security Service to engage in a campaign of harassment, intimidation, and embarrassment directed at him.

In a motion of notice, the appellant sought an order of interlocutory injunction stopping the respondents or their agents from harassing, intimidating, embarrassing or preventing the applicant from carrying out the functions of his office as Deputy Governor of Edo State including attending State Executive Council meetings and other functions pending the determination of the substantive suit.

The Court papers listed the Inspector General of Police, State Security Service, the Governor of Edo State, Speaker Edo House of Assembly and the Chief Judge of Edo State as defendants.

The Deputy Governor said that this misconduct by the State’s highest office holder was deeply concerning and raised serious questions about the governance and rule of law in Edo State.

Not stopping there, Shaibu made another startling claim, asserting that the Speaker of the Edo State House of Assembly and the Chief Judge of Edo State were allegedly acting in concert with Governor Obaseki to orchestrate his impeachment.

Such a claim, if substantiated, could have profound implications for the political landscape in the state, potentially leading to a major constitutional crisis.

In light of these grave allegations, Shaibu urgently sought the court’s intervention to restrain Governor Obaseki and any other individuals allegedly involved from taking any further actions against him.

The request for an immediate intervention underscores the severity of the situation and highlights the potential threat to the Deputy Governor’s position and political career.

To emphasize the sincerity and seriousness of his claims, the Deputy Governor made it clear that he was providing these statements in good faith and with a firm belief in their truthfulness.

By invoking the Oaths Act, Laws of the Federation of Nigeria, 2004, Shaibu is seeking to underscore the solemnity and legal significance of his affidavit before the court.

As this legal battle unfolds, it will undoubtedly attract considerable attention from the public, media, and the legal community alike.

The outcome of this case could have far-reaching consequences for the political climate in Edo State and may set precedents for the handling of similar cases in the future.

The court’s decision will be eagerly awaited, as it will ultimately determine the course of action taken against Governor Obaseki and the potential impact on the deputy governor’s position and political standing.

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