AU sues for peace between Russia and Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin has promised to examine  proposals by the African Union, AU, for a lasting peace between Russia and Ukraine presently engaged in a bloody war over territories.

The Chairperson of the AU and President of the Union of the Comoros, Azali Assoumani, at the ongoing 2nd Russia-Africa Economic and Humanitarian Forum said, “we must fight for achieving lasting peace between Russia and Ukraine. This is the message of the African Union, and I fully endorse it personally”.

He added that the Union travelled to Kiev to meet with the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky to give him the same message which they have brought to the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin.

“There is certainty among us that our call for peace will be heard because this is what humankind needs today.

“On behalf of the African Union, I once again call for peaceful coexistence between Russia and Ukraine, two brotherly nations and neighbours”, he added.

While restating AU’s position to promote peace and security in African, Assoumani condemned an “attempted coup d’etat’’ in Niger and called for the release of President Mohamed Bazoum.

He added that the Union is doing everything possible to promote peace and security on the African continent. However, they are faced with all kinds of events these days especially with the recent coup in Niger.

“We firmly condemn the way the events have been unfolding in Niger and demand that the President of the Republic of Niger and his family be freed immediately.

“Today, we are fighting for a multilateral, multipolar world. We, the people of Africa, understand well that the international system as it exists today must be reformed, which includes the UN system.

“Accordingly, Africa has every right to proactively contribute to the decision-making process, in particular as a permanent member of the UN Security Council”, he said.

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