Plateau plans to vaccinate 4.3m cattle against Anthrax

A mass vaccination of cattle in Plateau State is imminent to combat the incidence of anthrax.

No fewer than 4.3million cattle will receive the shots of vaccines. 200,000 doses have been procured as disclosed by the Director of the Plateau State Ministry of Agriculture Dr. Sipak Shase.

“There is no case of Anthrax in the State. Governor Caleb Mutfwang has instructed that all animals in the State must be vaccinated. The 17 Local Government Areas will be involved in the exercise with the support of ad hoc staff”, the Director said.

Also addressing the butchers in some abattoirs in the state, the Director said there is need for personal hygiene to fight the disease.

Risk Communication and Community Engagement Officer, Dr. Magdalene Nanven enlightened the butchers on the need to wear face masks, overall, hand gloves and also to be conscious of personal hygiene.

Some butchers who spoke with the News Agency of Nigeria appreciated the prompt and proactive measures taken by the State Government.

A butcher, Mr. Ikeana John said, “for the fact that the campaign was brought to the abattoir, showed that the State was mindful of us”.

Another butcher, Mr. Bilal Yusuf said that the support from the Government will be a form of check incase of any outbreak.

Credible News reports that Anthrax is caused by the spore-forming bacterium, Bacillus anthracis, which primarily affects animals, such as cattle, sheep, and goats.

The disease can be contracted by humans who come in direct contact with infected animals or contaminated animal products, such as meat, wool, or hides.

Anthrax may be contracted through the inhalation of spores, while cutaneous anthrax can result from contact with contaminated materials or through open wounds.

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