Innoson plans fuel conversion centres for automobiles

Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing, IVM, said it will establish car fuel conversion in all its service centres before the end of 2023, the Head of Corporate Communications at Innoson Group, Mr. Cornel Osigwe said.

Osigwe, in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria on Monday in Onitsha said IVM was currently converting only vehicles produced by the company from fuel to Compressed Natural Gas, CNG, to suit the current economic situation occasioned by the removal of the fuel subsidy.

He said that the challenges associated with cars or vehicles converted to CNG was that they were more durable, easier to maintain and more environmentally friendly than petrol vehicles, adding that the gas is cheaper than petrol.

“It is more environmentally friendly than petrol vehicles; Nigeria has a large abundance of gas. We just want other industry players to come in and take advantage of this opportunity and it will be better for Nigeria’s economy as we have it now”, he said.

He noted that when there was huge demand for conversion and the price would automatically go down when he was asked about the cost of converting a car or vehicle from fuel or diesel to a CNG.

“But I believe that is what an average vehicle user can afford”, he added.

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