Air passengers may undergo BP, sugar level check before travelling

If the House of Representatives has its way, passengers at the nation’s airport will undergo blood pressure and sugar level check before travelling.

The lawmakers resolution followed the adoption of a motion by Rep. Kalejaiye Paul, APC-Lagos, at plenary in Abuja on Tuesday.

The lawmaker’s motion is titled “Need to make Provision for free High Blood Pressure and Sugar Level Check Desks at Airports”.

He noted that air travel could be physically demanding and stressful for many passengers.

Paul said that these factors, combined with the potential health risks associated with long flights and varying environmental conditions made it essential to prioritise the health of individuals passing through our airports.

He disclosed that air travel had become increasingly accessible to a larger portion of the population, adding that the stress associated with travel, coupled with the sedentary nature of long flights could impact the health of individuals.

The lawmaker said this particularly concerned those with pre-existing conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes.

He noted that it was imperative to prioritise the health of individuals traveling long through our airports, adding that this notion aimed to ensure their access to essential.

Paul disclosed that by establishing free high blood pressure and sugar levels check desks at all airports, the country would promote early detection and preventive care for conditions such as hypertension and diabetes.

He said regular monitoring of these vital health parameters will enable travellers to seek medical intervention and prevent potential complications. Also the provision of these check desks would demonstrate commitment to public health promotion.

“This will send a powerful message that we prioritise the well-being of our citizens and visitors by making healthcare services easily accessible regardless of their travel schedules”, Paul disclosed.

Adopting the motion, the house urged the ministry of Aviation to collaborate with relevant healthcare professionals and organisations to establish and operate High Blood Pressure as well as sugar levels check desks at airports across the country.

The house also urged the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria to put adequate medical facilities in Nigerian Airports to forestall sudden death from high blood pressure and diabetes among others.

The lawmakers further urged the desks to be staffed with trained healthcare personnel who can accurately measure blood pressure and sugar levels.

Members disclosed that there was need to provide basic counseling, and refer individuals to appropriate medical services, if necessary.

The house further mandated the committee on aviation to ensure compliance.




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