Kwara Governor hosts Taiwo Awoniyi

Tonight, I played host to and had a very fruitful engagement with Nigeria’s Super Eagles Star and Nottingham Forest’s talented striker, Taiwo Awoniyi.

A great son of Kwara State, Awoniyi has proven to be a worthy ambassador of our state not just with his impressive football skills that underscore the talents from our state but also with his commitments to the growth of our state through his many humanitarian services and investments.

Repeatedly, he has contributed hugely to the growth of local football talents by helping young people to shine like him. Similarly, he has continued to give back to the communities that raised him in various areas, including education and healthcare.

That typifies good leadership and a great connection to his roots. That is the hallmark of philanthropy and human greatness that defines this inimitable international player. We are proud of you and all that you do for our community, Awoniyi.

Keep the flag flying.


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