Zazzau Emirate suspends title holder for flogging son over homosexuality

The Zazzau Emirate Council of Kaduna State has suspended Alhaji Mustapha Adamu Ubaidullah indefinitely for allegedly flogging his son caught in the act of homosexuality.

Alhaji Ubaidullah, who was accused of taking the law in his own hands, is the Marafan Yamman Zazzau in the Emirate Council.

Alhaji Ubaidullah said he decided to discipline his son, Yusuf Yahaya with 60 strokes of the cane because he caught him having carnal knowledge of a boy behind his residence.

However, Ubaidullah expressed dismay over the hasty decision taken against him by the Emirate council via his suspension.

The suspended title holder said, he was expecting the emirate to refer him to the constituted authority for violating the Laws adding that the said Yusuf is his son and he has the right to discipline him when he did anything wrong.

The embattled father accused some members of the emirate council of fueling the matter beyond his action against his own son.

Meanwhile, a statement issued by the Emirate’s Information and Communications Officer, Abdullahi Aliyu Kwarbai said the suspension of Ubaidullah was as a result of taking laws into his hands by punishing one Yusuf Yahaya of Unguwan Magajiya, Zaria City.

The statement further warned that Zazzau Emirate will not condone anything that violates laws and order from any traditional tittle holder.

It also advised traditional title holders to always refer cases before them to the constituted authorities for proper action to be taken.

The emirate assured the general public that it was not going to take any issue of injustice by traditional tittle holder against its subject lightly.

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